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Logistics Services

-- Logistics Services

Integrate logistics resources to manage logistics for customers in all aspects of supply chain operation.

  • Loan Right Risk Management
    Warehouse monitoring supplier selection warehouse inspection cargo insurance
  • Bonded warehousing
    Bonded display bonded inspection and maintenance cross-border E-commerce
  • Transportation Route Planning
    Transport Planning Port Planning Reverse Logistics
  • International Freight Forwarder
    International Intermodal Transport International Charter International Transit International Distribution Urban Distribution Distribution and Transfer
  • Import and Export Customs
    Customs declaration Label filing
  • Inventory management
    Warehousing Service Delivery Warehouse Management Processing and Packing Packaging Coding

Information service

-- Information service

Integrate information resources to realize the whole process of supply chain informatization for customers.

  • PO management
    Purchasing Order Management Sales Order Management Collaboration Management Order Tracking Batch Tracking Inventory Query Customer Order Placing
  • Supply chain management and software development
    data interface OMS ERP TMS WMS
  • Operation analysis
    BI Platform Custom Analysis Template Process Optimization Business Process Reporting KPI Assessment
  • Materials management
    Temperature Distribution Timed Inventory Attribute Allocation Defective Product Management
  • Foreign merchan
    Attribute management performance tracking hierarchical management
  • Financial accounting management
    Profit and Loss Estimation Accountable and Payable Management Weighted Cost Management Operating Resource Efficiency Management

Financial Services

-- Finance Services

Integrate financial resources to provide customers with supply chain financial solutions.

  • Financing services
    Discount on Bank Undertaking Domestic/International Letter of Credit Negotiation/Forfaiting/Bill of Exchange
  • Exchange rate management
    Exchange Rate Price Preference Advance Purchase and Payment of Foreign Exchange, Foreign Exchange Lock, Foreign Exchange Options, etc.
  • Settlement services
    TT/DP/DA Letter of Credit Settlement Account Settlement Risk Management Futures Hedging
  • Operating on multiple platforms both domestically and abroad
    Cross-platform business operations
  • Tax Planning
    Tax Compliance and Avoidance
  • Optimization of financial accounting
    Cost Padding Customization of Settlement Data Analysis and Forecast

Trading Services

-- Trading Services

Integrate commodity resources and market resources to manage the procurement and sales process for customers.

  • Evaluation of marketing and operations
  • Solution of business model
  • Channel mapping, development and management
  • Intensified purchasing
  • Bidding and supplier management
  • Technical support and after-sales service
  • Operating platform support
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